Thursday, 29 March 2012

Passion Fruit Body Butter

So while being away for the weekend with the family, (which I will be posting about very soon!!), I popped into The Body Shop, to make a quick purchase.

The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend. While we were out shopping my legs got really dry and looked soo flakey, Cringe!! So I hurried over to make a quick purchase to moisturise my parched looking legs!!

The range in The Body Shop was HUGE! Each tub of body butter I opened made love to my nostrils! Seriously beautiful fragrances. So it was between the coconut body butter and the passion fruit body butter. 

I bought the Passion Fruit Body Butter - Fruit De La Passion

So I bought the smallest version of this body butter, which is 50ml, mainly because I didn't know whether I'd like it. It was purely for a quick fix for my flakey legs. 

But I'm half way through the tub and desperately need to repurchase!!

The body butter is gorgeous! It's described 'with passion fruit seed oil to moisturise. Normal/Dry skin'

The smell is so yummy, I could have literally taken a few chunks from my moisturised, beautiful smelling legs!!

So as it's a body butter, the consistency is quite thick, as you can see from the picture. I love moisturisers like these as I find them nice and easy to use and not very messy, I also find they massage well into the skin and absorb very easily, yet still giving off a nice glow. 

I definitely recommend this product purely because of it's gorgeous smell of passion fruit. I will be checking out their other body butters soon. I was also very pleased with this purchase, as at the bottom of the tub, The Body Shop have written 'AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING'. I really disagree with animal testing, not to the extent that I check products but I do believe it should be stated clearly on the product, which in some cases, does not. But I guess some products aren't going to openly state on their products that they 'test on animals'. 

Have you purchased any body butters from The Body Shop? Have you got any recommendations? 



  1. I love their body butters:) I do think their quite expensive though xxx

  2. I totally agree, expensive for the amount you get. But i guess u pay for what u get! I definetly think the fragrance is worth the price! :D xx

  3. This looks lovely! Would you reccomend its worth the price?

    Now following :)

  4. Personally, I believe it's definitely worth the price! I'd get a bigger tub next time because you get more ml for your money! The biggest selling point for me is the gorgeous scent, you need to go in store and smell them all!! It's heaven hehe!