Monday, 14 May 2012

Sanctuary Goodies...

I ordered these 3 scrumptious products online at Sanctuary last week as there was a great 3 for 2 offer on selected products. I choose the Sanctuary Hand Cream, Body Scrub and Body Butter from the Travel & Trial section. 

So this is the Sanctuary Body Scrub.

I bought the 50ml travel Body Scrub for £2.00. It is described as 'A gentle, polishing gel body scrub that can be used daily to rejuvenate, refine and smooth skin. Fragrant patchouli, orange oil and natural pumice work together to leave skin awakened, invigorated and sublimely soft with a natural glow.'
While running myself a bath last night, I propped this on the side for its 'testing'! I massaged the scrub in circular motions on my damp skin and rinsed. This left my skin feeling brand new and soft with a gorgeous sanctuary signature scent! I suffer with patches of dry skin on my arms, so I would use this once or twice a week to smoothen my dry patches. It definitely helped by removing the dry skin, making it soft and smooth!

It then advised me to either use the Body Butter or Body Lotion.

My next purchase was the Body Butter. It's described as 'decadently rich body butter is an intensive skin booster crammed with nourishing cocoa butter and creamy shea butter. Super moisturising for instant results, this luxurious cream is laced with sweet almond oil, smoothing macadamia oil and protective vitamin E for all over pampering.'

After coming out of the bath and drying off, I applied a generous amount of the body butter and massaged it into my body. I also ensured that my dry skin patches, elbows, knees and heels had a second serving! I really enjoyed using this product, the reviews state that it helps clear dry skin! So I'm looking forward to seeing some results over the next few weeks.

I've been looking for a nice hand cream for a while, so when I seen this small 30ml tube for only £3.25!  I had to get it!

The Hand Cream is described as 'A whisper-light, non-greasy hand cream with conditioning shea butter and sweet almond oil will help restore moisture to the skin and give immediate comfort to dry hands. Your hands will be left feeling soft and smooth whilst delicately fragranced.'

I use this cream throughout the day, to soften and moisturise my hands that actually work quite a lot in school and while working at the gym. The cream is highly absorbent and leaves that gorgeous sanctuary signature scent! I'm really enjoyed this product and I find the tube clean and easy to use. However, I am on the hunt for some other Hand creams! So please leave any suggestions below!

The L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream and the Cherry Blossom Hand Cream look very apertising! 


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Little Gems...

I received this gorgeous little parcel in the post recently from Wavy Handmade Jewellery. I was only expecting the Jewellery I'd ordered in some ordinary brown paper packaging, but I opened it and found this beautifully presented parcel. They obviously pay great detail to each and every order processed by recording the persons name and getting it printed. It made my purchase so personal. I love it. 

So after wanting everything from the site, I decided on this little gem.. for only £3.50!?

I fell in love with this handmade necklace the moment I set eyes on it! It's been in my 'cart' for a while until I finally decided to purchase! The necklace has a long silver chain that falls just past my bust, which I believe is the perfect length. There was also a shorter length chain available to choose from.

How beautiful is this!? The Pendent is a turquoise stone with dark blue veins running through, neatly wrapped and held with silver. I also ordered the 'Tibetan Silver Skull Bead Bracelet' after seeing it on my friend's blog 'A Subtle Difference'. However, the item was out of stock, but Kate kindly gave a hand written note within the parcel including a free shipping code for my next purchase.

This again gave that lovely personal touch. Kate has also offered to email me to let me know when the bracelet is in stock so I can re-order the item.

So when I seen this necklace, I also seen the versatility for swapping pendants! Above I have a Swarovski crystal cross that I bought in San Fransisco and a mother of pearl cross that I bought from a crystal stall in a market. Both these necklaces came with short silver chains, so it would be great to add to this new chain. Kate also sells a similar necklace called the 'Small Cross Necklace'.

The silver chain provided allows you to simply take off the pendent and use another, which I love!! Maybe it would be a great idea if they decided to sell the pendants individually with the option of adding a chain!! 

Have you ordered any items from Wavy Jewellery? What did you think?