Thursday, 7 February 2013

Solid Moisturisers.

I can't believe that I'm nearly hitting 50 followers. To some of you, that means nothing, but to me it means alot. It tells me that nearly 50 people out there read my blog and take the time to follow and keep up to date with what I post on here. I just want to thank every single one of you.

As I am increasingly on my way to 50 followers, I think that a giveaway is in store. So as soon as I hit 50 followers, I shall announce what I'm giving away and so on and so forth. Once again thanks so much!


Surprise surprise, some Lush products once again. I do apologise but everything from that shop is simply wonderful. So here are a few massage bars from the store. I have previously spoken about the Hottie Massage Bar, which is another solid moituriser thats great for massaging and moisturising at the same time.

This Massage Bar is called the 'Soft Coeur'. The wonderful thing about this bar is the wonderful smell of chocolate and honey! Who doesn't want to smell like chocolate!? This product is packed full of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Honey, Cocoa Powder, Almond Oil and Sweet Wild Oranges Oil. Lets be honest, that concoction smells like a terrys chocolate orange. Yum. As you can see this product not only leaves you smelling delicious but it is also full of moisturising oils that are great for the skin.

I really love these bars, not only because of their gorgeous smell and cute little shapes but simply because there is no wastage. With a tub of moisturiser, I'll dig out a handful, slap it on and I find that im rubbing it in for ages because I've used too much! But with this bar, you massage it into the skin and it doesn't need much at all as it melts in yours hands and onto your skin.

'Shimmy Shimmy'
This massage bar literally does this. It makes you shimmer with little tiny bits of glitter, Great for making your legs look amazing in that LBD. So this massage bar comes in handy when you need to nourish your skin but you also want something special too. Thats whats great about these bars, they not only nourish your skin, come in cute little shapes, smell delicious but they also have a unique specialty within each bar. For example, the cocoa power, the glitter and the massage bar with it's 'knobbles and bobbles' as lush put it!

So here is 'Tiny Hands'. How cute is that name, it makes me thing of little babies hands and feet! So this again is a solid moisturiser, but it is specifiaclly targeted for your hands. This bar is great for the winter months when your poor little hands are dry and cracked and in need of some help from some tiny little hands.

Even though these products are like some of my favourite products from Lush. They are a pain in the arse to carry around because when it gets a tad warm they'll start to melt and you don't want your 'tiny hands' melting within you gorgeous leather designer handbag, right girls?

So a massive tip, would be to purchase the 'Massage Bar Tin' from lush. This is a small tin that will allow you to take this product in your bag and let you use it on the go, not just the confides of your home. You could even search for some other little tins to keep the products in, it doesn't exactly have to be the one from lush.

So girls, have you tried any of the Lush solid moisturisers? What did you think of them?


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I have a crush - Sugar crush.

I think the title of this post is enough, don't you? 

I am seriously in love with this product. Soap and Glory have an amazing range of products at the moment, targeting all ages and skin types. But Sugar Crush has to be my favourite. I love to just open the lid and smell the product let alone use it. How sad it that... yes a serious product crush. 

Now the scent, how do I describe it? It's not the usual S&G scent. It says 'sweet lime' which I think sums it up quite well but there's a sweetness to it too! Seriously, its smells good enough to eat. 

Even if you don't need a new body scrub or don't want to try it... please just go open a tub and smell! You'll thank me I'm sure.

You can purchase this from Boots here. 

The scrub contains 'smashed brown sugar', 'almond oil' and 'macadmamia grains' all in one tub, fighting together against dry and flakey skin! My hero.

I use this around 2-3 times a week to get rid of any flakey dry skin. The scrub literally makes my skin feel brand new, clean and fresh. I wouldn't use this over 3 times, puerly because I don't think my skin needs to be 'scrubbed' that many times a week. I think it could end up doing damage rather than nourishing my skin. 

Soap and Glory are also adding some more products to the 'Sugar Crush' range - 

My bank account just shed a tear. hehe. 
Well we all have to spoil ourselves right? and we all have to take care of our skin right?