Monday, 20 August 2012

Cute and Casual

This outfit was put together for a last minute lunch with my Mam and Nan. It was a lovely and sunny day out and I quickly regretted wearing jeans! However, I love this outfit. It's cute, simple and casual. 

+ Cardigan - Primark. Around £10
+ Top - Primark £3
+ Jeans - Zara £25
+ Shoes - Primark. Bought from Ebay £10
+ Necklace - Folli Follie £15
+ Bracelets - Swarovski and Links 

I'm really enjoying doing my outfit posts at the moment. I hope you are too!! Let me know. 


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Everybody needs a pamper...

A few nights back, I really fancied having a pamper night. So I went out and bought a Sauna mark and an eyelash tint kit. I bought these products mainly because I really want a nice face mask, so I'm hoping you guys will recommend some for me! I also bought the eyelash tint kit because my eyelashes are a light brown and blonde towards the end of my lashes. 

So this is the Garnier Self Heating Sauna Mask, I really liked this product. It was around £1 for 2 sachets!

When I rubbed the mask into my face it immediately warmed up.. but that was about it. My face felt smooth after and I didn't get any breakouts, which is what usually happens after I use face masks! Over all I really liked this product but I'd love to get some more to try out!

Here is the Eylure Tinting kit, I bought this from boots for £7.50.

The set came with the tube of eyelash dye, the activating solution, a mixer, a plastic dish, mascara wand and some pads to place under your eyes. 

I began by mixing a pea size amount of the eyelash dye into the plastic dish, then adding 5 drops of the solution and mixing well until creamy. I then wet the white pads and placed them underneath my eyes. I then applied the creamy mixture to my top and bottom eyelashes with the wand, making sure each lash was covered. I then closed my eyes for 10 minutes and allowed the dye to set. 

After 10 minutes, I used a wet cotton wool pad to wipe away the excess mixture and here are the results!



As you can see by the pictures, My lashes look darker, more defined, longer and fuller! I loved the result. You can actually see my bottom lashes and the tips of my longer upper lashes. 

Have you got any face masks you could recommend? Have you ever tinted your eyelashes? How did you find it?


Monday, 13 August 2012

Holiday Blues..

On the 7th July, My boyfriend and I took a holiday to Egypt. We absolutely loved it, it was our first holiday and we had a fabulous time! Here are some pictures of some of the outfits I wore during our holiday! And by the way, we stayed at the 'Concorde El Salam' in Sharm El Sheikh.

Heres one of the beautiful vues of the hotel, overlooking the infinity pool. Here we were just going to the pool to sunbath, So I wore my Hollister brown leather sandals which were £28, my pink crochet top in from H&M - £7.99, Salt Rock shorts which I bought in the sales for £12 and my Animal leather bag which I also had in the sale. 

This was the pool that was situated directly outside our room. Here I wore my Zara pepulum top which was in the sale at £15, I also wore my Warehouse black denim shorts which were in the sale for £18 and my Zara Sandals which were also in the sale for £19.99 from £40, which I have posted about previously. If you can't tell, I am a bargain hunter!!

Ethan and me. 

At dinner in the hotel. I wore my makeup very minimal here with a touch of tinted moistuirser, eyebrow pencil and blush. I also curled my hair with my GHD flat irons, which is quick and easy to do! There's my beloved Mango juice too!!

Now I've had this linen dress for years, it was from Tesco for around £15. It's simple and flattering and can be dolled up! I paired this with gold sandals from Dorothy Perkins for £30 and some gold bracelets and necklace from Outfit.

This was one of my outfits during the day to go to the pool, I wore my White dress from Primark which was around £6... I think! It's a really pretty dress, with a split down the back, a button at the top and a tie around the waist with gorgeous detail along the top. 

We went quading and we had to wear these Arab scarfs to stop the sand blowing into our faces. Quading was amazing, we both enjoyed it soo much! Here I wore my Nike Free run trainers because they were comfy and practical, a white Primark strap top and a pink pair of Salt Rock shorts. 

How funny do we look!?

Here I wore the all famous strap top from Primark which are around £2-£3. I paired this with a H&M skirt which was £7.99, which came with a black cord belt. I'm also wearing my black beaded zara sandals and my usual Links and Swarovski bracelets! Sorry about the little Nike trainer in the corner!! 

Ready to go out for dinner and into so-ho square, which had lots of shops and entertainment!

This was another outfit, ready for another evening meal. I wore my zara black sandals and my zara black playsuit which I bought for £19.99, but it's currently in the sale for around £15! You can get it in a Fuchsia Pink too. This playsuit is so comfy! it clinches in at the waist and slightly flares at the bottom.  To give a bit of colour I added a short light blue stone necklace from Topshop which was a gift.

While going to So-ho, we visited the Ice Bar. This was such an awesome experience! The whole room was made out of ice, the bar, the sets, the walls and even the shot glasses!!

To enter the Ice Bar, we had to pay something like £15 each, then we were given a fury duffle coat each and a free drink token! The experience was great! The Egyptians were shivering, repeating that it was 'soooo cold', yet Ethan and I felt quite at home, as this was probably around the usual temperature back at home!!

Have you been to Egypt? Did you like my holiday outfits? Have you visited the Ice Bar? Theres one in London too!


Friday, 10 August 2012

I love... Mangoes!

Now as you can tell by the title... I love mangoes. I love the taste and the scent! It's just fruity and yummy! During my recent holiday to Egypt, it was basically all I drank, from plain mango juice to some alcoholic mango cocktails at night! So when I seen this mango bubble bath and shower gel for only £2, I had to get it! It's sooo yummy and the pro side is, every-time I use it I remember my first holiday away with my boyfriend, which was amazing.

 It also came in other beautiful fragrances like 'blueberry & smoothie', 'Vanilla & Icecream', 'Coconut & Cream' and many more, with a huge range of products, from Bubble Bath to Hand lotion and face masks!

Link - 'I love...' website

The bubble bath makes the bath smell so yummy and creates a huge mound of soft fuffly bubbles!! When used on your skin, it leaves your skin smelling fruity but also like holidays which is great for summer. I really love this product and I will definitely be repurchasing this!! You can purchase the 'I love...' cosmetics range from Superdrug and The Co-operative. 

The other cute thing about this product is the instructions on the bottle. They talk directly to the customer and make you feel great with a beautiful description of the product. 

 ' Pour me seductively under running water, wait for the bubbles to kick in, immerse yourself into the bath, relax (and that’s very important) and take pleasure in my tantalising aroma. Alternatively, squeeze me generously into the palm of your hand or onto a sponge, smother me all over your wet skin until I lather into a frenzy of rich fragrant bubbles then rinse me off when you’ve had enough.'

However, when reading this to my mother, we both found it wayyy too much and extremely annoying!  with the 'seductively', 'immerse' tantalising', 'generously', 'smother', 'frenzy'. 

'when you've had enough' was the perfect quote to finish off on. 

Have you tried the 'I love...' products? What do you think of their range? Do you find their packaging a bit  O.T.T?


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pretty little things...

Recently I've been on a little mission to find anything cute or pretty in preparation for my new room at University. I really cannot wait to fly the nest and move out. What I'm most looking forward to is hunting down all my goodies for my room! 

So this is a pretty little stand that I bought for my 'Winter Wonderland' Yankee Candle! It is the most gorgeous warming winter scent. I love the simple glass jar that the candle comes in, but this stand certainly gives it a sparkle of elegance.

My next pretty little thing is this wooden heart bowl or dish. Now I loveeee hearts. I don't know why, I just think they are the sweetest little things. So yes, I decided to fill the heart bowl... with hearts. My mum bought me the silver heart with 'LOVE' and my nan bought me the one with '18', they loved the idea and both wanted to be a part of my 'bowl of hearts'. I think this is perfect for university, as I'll be away from my loved ones. 

Now when I seen these heart shaped wire baskets, I fell in love with them! I had never seen such pretty little baskets. But I just couldn't work out what I'd use them for, so I didn't buy them. One week later, they are in my bedroom, still empty, but none the less looking pretty!! I'm sure I'll find something to put in them when I have my whole life in one little bedroom in a university hall. 

If you haven't guessed yet from looking at these pictures or from previous posts. I love silver. I just think its a sparkly and bright. This silver and glass dish is so cute! It's not very big, and I haven't found a use for it yet, but I couldn't resist it because of the beautiful detail on the lid.  

Now I snapped up this glass jar for around £3. I instantly loved it because of the hearts that wrap around the lid! I needed a jar like this for my smaller Yankee candles, that I absolutely adore! They only cost around £1.20, and they last ages! The scents are gorgeous! I definitely prefer buying the smaller candles and putting them in your own decorated glass jar. Once the candle has melted, I just add the next one!

Next I bought these gorgeous little mugs with matching china spoons that slot into the handle! I fell in love with these and they were only £2.99 each! Sooo cute and sooo unique!

I love dippy eggs and soldiers! I'm sure it will be one of my main quick and easy meals to do at university! So when I found the matching egg cups, I had to snap them up at only £1.50 each!

Have you got any pretty little things that your stocking up on, ready to add your own touch to your new place? Have you got any recommendations for shops that have similar items? 


Saturday, 4 August 2012

My first OOTD...

Here's my first 'Outfit Of The Day'. I threw this together to go for a meal with my mum and a spot of shopping, where I picked up some goodies for my room ready for university, which I'll be doing a post on very soon!

+ Jumper - Zara Sale £9.99
+ Jeans - Zara Skinny Jeans £39.99
+Boots - Topshop Mighty £45
+Satchel - Accessorize Sales £15 
+Jewellery - Pandora silver and zirconia ring
- Links of london xs sweetie bracelet
- Swarovski crystal tennis bracelet

Here are my Topshop Mighty boots. These are the new models of the Topshop Allegra boots which I unfortunately missed out on! These boots are soo comfortable. I'm normally a lover of knee high boots and long necklaces but recently I've been loving ankle boots and short chocker necklaces!

I love this satchel, it is sooo pretty with all the detail! I bought this in the sale about a year ago at accessorize. Luckily it goes perfect with my new boots!

Now I didn't wear this in the post, but it would have looked great! I've been looking for the perfect short necklace and I came across this in the sale at 'Folli Follie' in Cardiff. What a bargain, £26 to £15! I love it, and it goes perfect with my everyday Links and Swarovski bracelets. It's basically a bunch of silver leaves in three tiers, hanging from a thick chain.

Have you found any pretty short necklaces? Do you prefer the Mighty boots or Allegra?