Monday, 19 November 2012

Uni Wardrobe

Hello lovelies,
So this is another outfit i've been wearing to uni! Again the three c's apply, Cute, Comfy and Casual.
Here i'm wearing a Topshop highwaisted skater skirt with some plain black tights and my beautiful Topshop boots! I paired them with a Dorothy Perkins jumper that I had in the sale years ago, but it is one of my key items in my wardrobe, espeically as we head into the cold and bitter winter months.

 Winter has to be my favourite season, all the boots, mittens, scarfs and coats, hot chocolate and galaxy while watching ps.I love you, cuddled up with your partner. Yes that does sounds pretty perfect!

So my satchel is actually from a charity shop, that my mother found. I really couldn't believe it when she rang up and told me she had bought this bag for £7. Yes seriously. It's a hidesign real leather satchel and the interior is to die for! Plus, this bag is perfect for uni, with lots of little compartments.
You can find these beautiful hidesign satchels and breifcases on ebay.

I hope your enjoying these Uni Wardrobe posts. Let me know what you think!


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

“Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”

I bet your all fed up of me telling you how I've moved to Cardiff but it's seriously one of the biggest things in my life so far. To move out of my comfort zone, from my home that i've lived in all my life, from my cosy little bedroom packed with treasures that tell so many stories, with my mum and brother in the next room, dinner on the table and a nice bath run whenever you feel like!

So i've tried to make my teenie, tiny, little uni room as homely as possible by having lots of photos and things that remind me of home, family and friends. When I first moved in, my room was so bare and plain. It really did look a little grunge! It made me so upset to go from such a lovely home to a grotty little flat but you have to start at the bottom and work your way up... one day I will have that beautiful penthouse looking over the bay!

So this post is to show you how i've decorated my room and a few things that i've picked up for university. 

This little magnetic to-do list pad is from Paperchase, it was £3.75 at the time! But it's shot up slightly to £5 since. But I still thing its worth it because of the pretty detail around the edges. There's lots of different styles too! You can get this here.

Next are some gorgeous black leather note books. I purchased two from TkMaxx. You can get great notebooks and journals there for great prices! I'm sure these Italian leather notebooks were around £5 each.

'Got Something to Say' How cute is this. 

I love hearts, so this was a must.

I also bought these cute little pencils with crystals on top.

Now to my room. I was given a billboard to decorate, as your not allowed to paint or hang anything on the walls. To decorate my billboard, I decided to use left over wallpaper from my bedroom at home. I then hung up the wooden, beaded and silver hearts that I had been collecting from many little shops around Wales.

My Flat mates have covered theirs in photos and posters and it looks really cool, but I love the homely feel my billboard has.

So I had two long shelves and two short and I was able to swap there's around to create the style I wanted. 

On one of the shorter shelves I have my cook books, my Pretty Little Liars books (I loveeee PLL), My Lord of the Rings book, Fifty Shades, King Lear, Jane Eyre and some book ends with photos of me and my friends.

On the other shorter shelf, I have my glass jar to burn my Yankee candles, I'm currently burning one called Vanilla Lime. I then have my two jewelry boxes and my Swarovski crystal ornament. 

Magazines. I love collecting them. These are my older Glamour mags, I don't read Glamour anymore as I much prefer Elle, Cosmopolitan and Company but they still look really cool for decoration.

Here is another pile of my magazines, I love the company design, it adds so much colour to your room when they are on display. Putting my magazines on display definitely looks really cute in my opinion.

On my desk, I have my wooden filing unit that I got from TkMaxx and this was around £15, which is a great price! Next to that I have my 'Bowl of hearts' which I showed in a previous post. As you can see on my window sill, I have photos of me and friends and my boyfriend. 

I hope you like my cosy little uni room. Thanks for reading and I hope your all having a fabulous week!


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Uni Wardrobe

Hello my lovely lot! 
I have had two massive changes within my life lately, 1. going to university and 2. I've moved to Cardiff! I officially live on my own and how exciting it has all been. I have already met some amazing people at my flat but also on my Journalism course. If you haven't already guessed, I am really loving it here in Cardiff... and I guess that it the reason why there is only probably going to be around 2 posts for october! I've missed my blog sooo much! I can't wait to get back into it.

So to start off my new adventure, I've decided to add a feature post every week called 'Uni Wardrobe'. Now if you have any better name suggestions, I would love to hear them in the comment box below. But for the time being, it's straight to the point and simple! So yes, I'm going to be featuring some outfits that I have wore to university. 

So here is an outfit that I wore during my first week of university. 
You definitely want the three C's for university, which are Comfy, Casual and Cute!

+Zara Skinny Jeans
+Zara Sandals - Sale
+Fat Face khaki jacket
+Zebra print scarf
+Hair - Top Knot
+River Island Leather Bag

I hope you like the idea of the new clothing feature posts, I'd love to hear what you all think! It would be great if you could all let me know any name suggestions.

Hope your all good and well!


Monday, 24 September 2012

I promise to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse...

'I do' can change someone's life in the matter of seconds! They can be some of the biggest but smallest words that most of us will say during one point in our lives. (Or for many in some peoples cases!) The biggest because you are agreeing to become one with your partner, who you will spend the rest of your life with, or the smallest because lets be fair, 'I do' is quite short, simple but to the point! I've seen lots of photos of me when I was little at lots of family and friends weddings, but this was my first wedding that I could actually remember. 

I wore a dress from Warehouse which I've had for ages. It's tight at the waist and has a pretty flare skirt. I paired this with some nude patent court shoes from Dorothy Perkins. My mum wore a new River Island dress which is currently in stores. The dress has beautiful detail, with lace running down the back and a beautiful beaded section to emphasise the waist. She then paired this with some sparkly stilettos that matched perfectly with her clutch! 

When planning our outfits, my mum decided to get a corsage done at our local florist, to tie around our wrists. They looked gorgeous on the day with the diamond in the middle of the flower!

My corsage had a orchid, which is above. While my mum had a rose, below. The flowers definitely added an elegant touch to the outfit, perfect for weddings and proms!

The bride had worked soo hard at the wedding! She tried to consider everyone while planning. While having a look around the venue, I found this gorgeous little wooden stand from the local candy shop 'Candy Lane'. The bride had invited a few children to the wedding, so while the adults had some wine and champagne on their table to enjoy, the children could go to this little stand and create their own pick a mix! What a 'sweet' idea! See what I did there? hehe.

Even though this lovely little idea was directed towards the children, it certainly didn't stop me and my mum having a little go!

Malteasers and strawberries. Yum

Again the bride had some beautiful ideas by having champagne and clear crystals scattered across the tables. Our names were also beautifully written on different card shapes, mine was written on a dove, while my mums was written on a heart. These slotted perfectly on to our wine glasses, which added a pretty extra touch!

I must say, going to this wedding made me want to get married and while writing this post up, I was also thinking.... Hmm how old will I be when I say the big words 'I do'? What ring will I have? Who will be at my wedding? What dress will I have? I bet some of you have planned it all out!


Monday, 17 September 2012

Moving on...

So once again, I have not been a good blogger! I have so many posts to write up at the moment but sooo little time! As you would all know from my previous posts, I am moving to Cardiff university halls this week. So for the past few weeks I have been busy picking up bits and pieces and spending quality time with my Mum, who seriously has tears in her eyes every-time I mention the topic! 

So for today's post, I'm sharing with you a picture from my Sixth Form Ball which was back in July. I had an amasing night with many friends that I have known all of my life and have spent so many fond memories with. I think it's actually hitting me now, that I will be leaving behind so many beautiful people, that have helped me become the person that I am today. It is also a time where you learn who your true friends are, these friends will continue to create new and lasting memories, even though your miles apart! 
After hunting for my ball gown in all kinds of shops! I found this beautiful dress in 'House of Fraser' and it cost £180. I love all things sparkly, so when I seen this.. I simply fell in love. I wanted an elegant dress, not brightly coloured with simple but classy detail. I didn't want the plastic gems and sequins, I wanted the crystals and diamonds!

Even though finding my dress was great, I must say the best bit of the whole event was getting ready! I had my eyelashes done, my cousin kindly did my hair and I prepped and pampered myself with lots of goodies!

So like I said, I'm moving down to Cardiff this week and I can promise I will have more time to blog and I am extremely looking forward to it!


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Liebster Award..

I've seen the 'Liebster Award' on a few blogs now and I've been waiting and waiting to be nominated! Finally the lovely Megan from 'Lets get lippy beauty blog' nominated me for the award that is specifically for new bloggers who have less than 200 followers. So thank you very much Meg!

+ Each person must post 11 things about themselves
+ They must also answer the 11 questions the 'tagger' has set for them
+ They must then create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag
+ They must then choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and tag them in this post
+ The nominated bloggers must then be told 
+  There's no tag backs

Eleven things about me.
My favourite chocolate is White Milky Buttons.
I have a birth mark just above my bum, (right cheek) hehe!
I used to do Ballet and tap.
I love Pretty Little Liars!
My favourite film is Pearl Harbour <3
I love silver jewelry.
I mostly wear boots and sandals... never in-between!
I love Bubble baths and bath bombs!
My favourite makeup items have to be tinted moisturiser and mascara.
I love slouchy, cuddly tops.
I really want a tea cup kitten.... and I think I'd call her Polly.

Questions from Megan.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?  It would be Hawaii because I would love to visit Pearl Harbour <3
Whats your favorite shop? My favourite shop is.... ZARA!
Dogs or cats? Cats - Teacup kitten called Polly.
Mascara or eyeliner? Mascara.
Favorite Movie? Pearl Harbour<3
Do you have any tattoos? Nope.
Summer or winter? I love Winter. Cuddles, Hot chocolate and log fires.
Fav drug store brand? Hmm... L'oreal.
Denim jacket or leather jacket? Leather Jacket!
Comedy or romance films? I love romance.. but since I'm in love it has to be Comedy!
Favorite actor or actress? Oh wow.. Ben Affleck. You will be mine.

Questions for my nominees
What is your favourite chocolate?
What is your go to makeup product?
What is your favourite shoe?
Have you ever experienced Love?
What would you do with a million pound?
Are you a boots or flats kinda girl?
Is matching underwear a must for you?
What do you spend most on each month?
Live in the City or the Country?
Neutrals or pastels?
Favourite Blog? 


I'm finding it hard to find anyone who has under 200 followers!? Am I the only one :(
Anyway... whoever reads this post is nominated. So have fun!


Monday, 3 September 2012

Light a candle and chill...

This is exactly what I've been doing lately. Turning on my Macbook, lighting a candle, cuddling up and browsing! Browsing for what exactly? Everything and anything in preparation for moving out!! I've been looking at bed linen, plates, bowls, cutlery, storage boxes etc. Where am I moving? To CARDIFF in TWO WEEKS into university halls. So as you have already guessed, I got into university and I chose to go to Cardiff to study Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies! 
By the captials... I'm guessing you can tell I'm EXCITED!

So this really isn't much of review post of a new product or a OOTD, but a simple post showing you my favourite Yankee Candles that I have been burning for the past few weeks!

Fluffy Towels - This is a gorgeous fresh scent that smells exactly like clean washing on the line!

Here I have Mango Peach Salsa, Vanilla Lime, Sandalwood Vanilla and Country Lemonade!
As you can see I love sweet and fresh scents, that brighten up my cosy room. These scents are perfect for these summer months but I really need to start getting some warmer ones ready for autumn and winter at university!

This is Winter Wonderland, I had this last christmas and I love it. I love the china setting that it came with!

Also here I have Island Spa and Mandarin Cranberry, again two very sweet but fresh scents in my collection!! Each of these individual candles get burnt in my glass jar in the first picture which I got for £3. 

Sorry this is such a short post, but I am soo busy preparing for university! It is so strange having my pay  
at the end of the week and usually spending it on new Zara bags or jumpers from Topshop. Now I'm spending it on cushions, plates and tea towels? Seriously!! 

I'm really enjoying picking up things for my room at university and I am planning on doing a university room tour for my first video on a new project I am planning. So keep tuned for that!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day! Good luck to all that are preparing for university and congratulations on your A level results!


Monday, 20 August 2012

Cute and Casual

This outfit was put together for a last minute lunch with my Mam and Nan. It was a lovely and sunny day out and I quickly regretted wearing jeans! However, I love this outfit. It's cute, simple and casual. 

+ Cardigan - Primark. Around £10
+ Top - Primark £3
+ Jeans - Zara £25
+ Shoes - Primark. Bought from Ebay £10
+ Necklace - Folli Follie £15
+ Bracelets - Swarovski and Links 

I'm really enjoying doing my outfit posts at the moment. I hope you are too!! Let me know. 


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Everybody needs a pamper...

A few nights back, I really fancied having a pamper night. So I went out and bought a Sauna mark and an eyelash tint kit. I bought these products mainly because I really want a nice face mask, so I'm hoping you guys will recommend some for me! I also bought the eyelash tint kit because my eyelashes are a light brown and blonde towards the end of my lashes. 

So this is the Garnier Self Heating Sauna Mask, I really liked this product. It was around £1 for 2 sachets!

When I rubbed the mask into my face it immediately warmed up.. but that was about it. My face felt smooth after and I didn't get any breakouts, which is what usually happens after I use face masks! Over all I really liked this product but I'd love to get some more to try out!

Here is the Eylure Tinting kit, I bought this from boots for £7.50.

The set came with the tube of eyelash dye, the activating solution, a mixer, a plastic dish, mascara wand and some pads to place under your eyes. 

I began by mixing a pea size amount of the eyelash dye into the plastic dish, then adding 5 drops of the solution and mixing well until creamy. I then wet the white pads and placed them underneath my eyes. I then applied the creamy mixture to my top and bottom eyelashes with the wand, making sure each lash was covered. I then closed my eyes for 10 minutes and allowed the dye to set. 

After 10 minutes, I used a wet cotton wool pad to wipe away the excess mixture and here are the results!



As you can see by the pictures, My lashes look darker, more defined, longer and fuller! I loved the result. You can actually see my bottom lashes and the tips of my longer upper lashes. 

Have you got any face masks you could recommend? Have you ever tinted your eyelashes? How did you find it?


Monday, 13 August 2012

Holiday Blues..

On the 7th July, My boyfriend and I took a holiday to Egypt. We absolutely loved it, it was our first holiday and we had a fabulous time! Here are some pictures of some of the outfits I wore during our holiday! And by the way, we stayed at the 'Concorde El Salam' in Sharm El Sheikh.

Heres one of the beautiful vues of the hotel, overlooking the infinity pool. Here we were just going to the pool to sunbath, So I wore my Hollister brown leather sandals which were £28, my pink crochet top in from H&M - £7.99, Salt Rock shorts which I bought in the sales for £12 and my Animal leather bag which I also had in the sale. 

This was the pool that was situated directly outside our room. Here I wore my Zara pepulum top which was in the sale at £15, I also wore my Warehouse black denim shorts which were in the sale for £18 and my Zara Sandals which were also in the sale for £19.99 from £40, which I have posted about previously. If you can't tell, I am a bargain hunter!!

Ethan and me. 

At dinner in the hotel. I wore my makeup very minimal here with a touch of tinted moistuirser, eyebrow pencil and blush. I also curled my hair with my GHD flat irons, which is quick and easy to do! There's my beloved Mango juice too!!

Now I've had this linen dress for years, it was from Tesco for around £15. It's simple and flattering and can be dolled up! I paired this with gold sandals from Dorothy Perkins for £30 and some gold bracelets and necklace from Outfit.

This was one of my outfits during the day to go to the pool, I wore my White dress from Primark which was around £6... I think! It's a really pretty dress, with a split down the back, a button at the top and a tie around the waist with gorgeous detail along the top. 

We went quading and we had to wear these Arab scarfs to stop the sand blowing into our faces. Quading was amazing, we both enjoyed it soo much! Here I wore my Nike Free run trainers because they were comfy and practical, a white Primark strap top and a pink pair of Salt Rock shorts. 

How funny do we look!?

Here I wore the all famous strap top from Primark which are around £2-£3. I paired this with a H&M skirt which was £7.99, which came with a black cord belt. I'm also wearing my black beaded zara sandals and my usual Links and Swarovski bracelets! Sorry about the little Nike trainer in the corner!! 

Ready to go out for dinner and into so-ho square, which had lots of shops and entertainment!

This was another outfit, ready for another evening meal. I wore my zara black sandals and my zara black playsuit which I bought for £19.99, but it's currently in the sale for around £15! You can get it in a Fuchsia Pink too. This playsuit is so comfy! it clinches in at the waist and slightly flares at the bottom.  To give a bit of colour I added a short light blue stone necklace from Topshop which was a gift.

While going to So-ho, we visited the Ice Bar. This was such an awesome experience! The whole room was made out of ice, the bar, the sets, the walls and even the shot glasses!!

To enter the Ice Bar, we had to pay something like £15 each, then we were given a fury duffle coat each and a free drink token! The experience was great! The Egyptians were shivering, repeating that it was 'soooo cold', yet Ethan and I felt quite at home, as this was probably around the usual temperature back at home!!

Have you been to Egypt? Did you like my holiday outfits? Have you visited the Ice Bar? Theres one in London too!