Saturday, 10 March 2012

Literally Lush!

So on Wednesday, I went up to Bristol to have an interview for university for a Journalism course. I didn't like the university at all... although the course looked really good!! So I'm in a little bit of a dilemma at the moment. Cardiff or Bristol -.-
So after I had my interview(Which went okay!!), I popped into Cribs Causeway shopping centre.

So as you can see, I visited Lush!

Now when ever I see a Lush shop, I go in, have a look, love the smells and then walk out empty handed. Why? I really don't know. But this time I came out with a gorgeous little paper bag. I LOVE paper-bags. 

So what was in my little paper bag?
Look how yummy the packaging is. It's so colourful and pretty. 

So firstly I bought the 'Rock Star' soap. This retails for £3.25 per 100g.

The soap is divine. Firstly the colour, wow what a gorgeous pink. The smell is perfect for a girly girl with a beautiful scent of candy! Yum! Now I'm not a girly girl myself, but on certain days I feel like a nice pamper night, also known as my girly night. So this is the perfect soap to chill out, relax, smell of sweet creamy candy and feel ever so girly and pretty. 

After using this soap, I found that it didn't lather very well. Which i didn't really expect it to, Although it left my skin moisturised and candy scented for the whole day. Also, the Rock Star scent floated through my bathroom for a few hours which was great.

So secondly I bought the 'Hottie Massage Bar', which cost me £5.25 for a 90g bar.

Now as I work in a gym and my boyfriend plays a lot of rugby, we really enjoy giving each other massages with some of my moisturisers and oils after a hard training session. So when I seen this moisturising massage bar, I thought yes, finally. Someone has finally produced a moisturiser in a solid form so that it not only massages and work into the muscles, it also moisturises and leaves you smelling gorgeous. 

The massage bar has a flat side to run over the skin and dissolve the butters, while the other side is moulded into lumps and bumps to knead and rub aching muscles. The bar is made out of Ginger Oil, Black pepper Oil, Jojoba, Cocoa Butter and Ginger.

My boyfriend really enjoyed this product, mainly because he hates sticky, wet moisturisers. So this was perfect, as it was a butter that dried fairly quickly but still left the skin glowing and moisturised. The fact that you could go from a nice smooth sensation with the flat end of the bar, so an intense massage with the other side, was great. This bar is great for anyone who loves massages and who sometimes needs to release the tension in their muscles. 

. . . 

Both of these products, I would recommend. Although as it was my first time using them, I can now see why you would need to purchase a 'massage bar tin' and a 'soap tin', so that you can keep the products in tack so that they will last longer. 

Have you used these products? What do you think of them? Do you recommend any certain products for my next trip to Lush?



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  1. the rock star soap is defiantly my favourite!x

    sophie @

  2. I am in love withit. It's currently sat on my window sill in my bathroom! It's all i can smell in my house atm, which is a big Plus!!