Tuesday, 20 March 2012


After Wales won the Rugby Six Nations 2012 cup on Saturday, I thought this post would be completely relevant as somebody else may want to celebrate Wales' win with a bit of baking!

My boyfriend recently got into the Under 18's Welsh Squad, which I was ever so proud of! Yet being called a 'WAG' by family and friends is slightly off putting to say the least, however the mulberry bag I've had my eyes on for months, now looks slightly promising.

So being the good girlfriend I am, I wanted to find something special to congratulate him with.  I looked everywhere. I couldn't find a thing!! There were welsh flags, and welsh mugs... But tbh, I think we all know that would have been a tad naff! So I decided to test my baking skills, and bake him some cakes.

So here's my beautiful red and green cupcakes!!

I knew I had to at least make the cupcakes the main colours of Wales, which are red and green. I did this by adding some green and red food colouring to the icing. After that I decorated them!! To create the design on top, I used icing pens, which I purchased from my local supermarket. These made things soo much easier. Although, you have to have a steady hand and patience to create the design you would like.

So he came into the kitchen, and seen these little beauties. He didn't know what to say. He looked soo surprised and happy, Just like when I found out about his amazing achievement. So congratulations Eth, and congratulations to the Welsh squad, who played great on Saturday!

What do you think of the cakes? Were you proud of Wales with their win? 



  1. yay wales:D. these are absolutely gorgeous. x

  2. Thanks hunnie, he was very pleased with them!! Ur blog is gorgeous too xxx

  3. These looks so cute and tasty! :) Love the colours! xxx