Sunday, 1 April 2012

Millie's Cookies

 Cosmopolitan Magazine gave each of it's readers a voucher for some scrummy Millie's Cookies
So while I was at Cribs Causeway in Bristol, I popped by to get some. It was my first time visiting a Millie's counter and I thought it was gorgeous. Millie's is known for it's gooey, crunchy, crumbly freshly baked treats.

There was a wide selection of cookies such as White Choc, Milk Choc, Double Choc, Dark Choc, Choc & Toffee, Raspberry & White, Oatmeal & Raisin, Choc & Orange and Banoffee.

I decided to have two White Choc, one Raspberry & White and one Choc & Orange. 

So by the time I got home, this was the photo I took with my camera. 

That's right, my mum and I had eaten the lot! My camera was out of charge, so I took some on my phone, but again, I'd eaten two by the time I realised this could be a post!

So heres the White Choc cookie
White chocolate is my favorite, so this cookie was a must, which is exactly why I got two!! I also loved the little bag the cookies came in, so cute.

And heres the Choc & Orange
Now mum loves Terry's chocolate orange, so this was the perfect cookie for her! It tasted exactly like Terry's chocolate Orange. Mum really enjoyed it, and let me have a little nibble to try!

The Raspberry & White cookie was really yummy, it was exactly like the White Choc cookie, but with some dried raspberries. This small portion of dried fruit made me feel a tiny bit better after I'd eaten three!!

These cookies were absolutely gorgeous! They were crunchy on the outside and warm and gooey inside as they were freshly baked. I can't wait to get my next batch!!

Have you tried any of Millie's Cookie range? Did you use your voucher to purchase some cookies?


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