Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fat Face

While popping into Fat Face, I seen lots of things I want to buy. No rephrase that... I Neeeeeeed to buy. But i've been saving all of my earnings for my last holiday payment, as I'm going on holiday to Egypt with my boyfriend in July. 

So while I made a mental wish list of all the things I neeeeeded in fat face, I came across a little basket of bracelets on the counter. 

So I found this little bracelet! For only £3!
I loved the fact this bracelet had a heart at the centre which is made out of dragonflies and butterflies. It looks so sweet, and the multi coloured stones that surround it have lots of beautiful pinks, browns and oranges! 

I loveeee it! So even though I'm meant to be saving ALL my money for my final payment, I decided £3 would not make much of a difference! You can buy this bracelet here -


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