Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Top 5 Lip Care

Recently I've seen a lot of bloggers doing their 'Top 5 lipsticks' and  'Top 5 Nail polishes', So i've decided to do my Top 5 lil care. I've also included two other balms that contain a glitter and sparkle, which I will do separately.  So here we go...

So here are my top 5 Lip care, and my two favorite lip shimmers.
From top left to right 
- Chap Stick Lip Care Wild Cherry
- Nivea Pearly Shine
-Natural Collection Vanilla Lip Salve
-Burt's Bees Caramel Lip Shimmer

Bottom left to right 
- Vaseline Rosy Lips
- Carmex Classic Lip Balm
-Vaseline Cocoa Butter

So this is the Vaseline Rosy Lips, 'The Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips gently tints lips with rose to enhance their natural glow while providing a surge of moisture and a touch of sweet almond and rose oils'. The tin contains Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, commonly known as Rose Oil & Prunus 
Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, commonly known as Almond Oil that gives your lips a touch of moisture. 

I love this, It gives my lips a gorgeous pink tint, brighting up my face and moisturising any dry lips. I paid £2.25 at Boots for this, which I believe is a great price as you get 20g. I've had this for around 6 months now, I use it at least once a day, and I've hardly used any of the product! Because it is made out of petroleum jelly, the product is very spreadable so a little dab goes along way. 

Here is a swatch of the product on my hand, as you can see it is very pigmented for a lip balm, with a pinky/coral colour. I find this product quite messy, due to the fact you have to apply it with your finger. However after researching prices, I came across a stick version of the rosy lips, which looks a lot easier to apply. The product is also quite thin and lasts for a decent amount of time, however I do find  myself topping it up quite frequently. The product also smells like roses! How sweet! If I need a lot of moisture and a bit of colour, this is my go to. 
You can get this product Here!

This is the Cocoa Butter Vaseline Petroleum JellyThe Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa range is enriched with caring cocoa butter and will give your lips the nourishment they need to feel and look soft and smooth. The tin contains a hint of cocoa butter that is well known for its skin conditioning benefits.

This lip balm is yummy. On some occasions, I wanted the same effect as the Rosy Lips, but I didn't want the added colour. So I needed to buy the original Vaseline, But while shopping, I seen this beauty. I opened the tin and a waft of Cocoa flew out, yum. In the basket it went! I paid £1.99 at Boots for this, which I believe is a great price. It's cheaper that the Rosy Lips, which must be because of the extra tint to the lips. But for 20g of scrummy smelling lip balm for £1.99, I was very pleased. I use this when I want some visible moisture, I've only recently purchased this but again I've hardly used any 
product. Vaseline tins really go a long way!

Heres a swatch of the Cocoa Butter Vaseline lip balm. As you can see, there is no colour, but a clear, moisturising balm. I use this when I want some visible moisture, as after use my lips tend to look quite wet and healthy. I've only recently purchased this but again I've hardly used any 
product. Vaseline tins really go a long way! However, it is soo annoying when your hair gets stuck to the vaseline on your lips. 
You can purchase this product here!

 This is the Carmex classic moisturising lip balm, This balm kills germs, Softens, lubricates and protects, heals, soothes and prevents dry cracked lips. It contains Cocoa butter, Aloe butter, Vitamin E and Shea butter. 

This Lip balm is great when my lips really need some nourishing care, when they feel dry, cracked and unhealthy, I slap this on, and boy.. what a difference! Now this product is not as sticky and messy as the vaseline tins, as this is a much thicker substance in the pot, however on the lips it feels lights and moisturising. Again, you have to apply the product with your finger, which is messy, but it's not as bad as the vaseline as most of the product comes off onto the lips. After applying this, I immediately feel a slight tingling sensation and a nice fresh feeling on my lips, which must be Menthol, that kills germs. I also find this balm very long lasting, which is great! I hardly have to reapply this product. 

As you can see from the swatch, it is not as glossy as the Vaseline Cocoa butter. My hair never gets stuck to my lips with this product, where as with the vaseline, I am guaranteed to get my hair stuck with every application. I bought this product in Boots for £2.69, and this contains 7g of product, which is a lot less than the Vaseline, however I believe a lot is wasted with the vaseline due to it being so wet, where as this is a pure balm that is a lot more dry yet still moisturising. You can also pick this up in a cherry scent. When I first opened this, I thought I could smell vanilla, but the smell quickly changed, I'm unsure to what it smells like, but it smells slightly like vic. 
You can get this here! 

Next is the Wild Cherry Chap Stick Lip Care. Now I've had this for ages, but it's still going strong. This product softens and protects for smooth, silky lips. It also helps heal and prevent dry chapped lips with a sweet cherry flavour and scent. It also contains sun protection, which is always a plus!

This lip balm is so delicious! I really love this product mainly because of it's gorgeous cherry scent and it's easy application.  This balm feels quite thick on the lips, which often attracts my long hair, which is such a pain!! However, the thick balm feels nice and moisturising on my lips, and the fact that my kisses are cherry scented is a big big plus! This balm is long lasting contains a slight gloss, it's not as glossy as the vaseline, however it does have the same texture. I haven't done a swatch for this product as you really couldn't see it. You can get this chap stick in strawberry, spearmint and classic. While researching this, I also noticed that Chap Stick product a true shimmer, which looks gorgeous! I will definitely be purchasing this!
You can get this product here!

Now I've had this product for a long time. It's the Natural Collection Vanilla Lip Salve. Now I know Boots do a Natural collection section, however this product is not available. Maybe it doesn't get made anymore. For some reason, I remember having it in a set? Even so, I love this balm because I love love love vanilla! This salve helps sooth and protect lips while giving off a gorgeous vanilla scent.

After researching, this product is around £1. Which is very cheap for a lip balm, which is a great plus. Now it is very easy to apply, just like the chap stick. The consistency is very thin, although it does feel very moisturising and glossy like the Chap Stick. However, this product needs reapplying a LOT! It's quite a nuisance. But my love for this product comes from the simple natural packaging and the gorgeous scent. I absolutely love the smell of Vanilla. So this product has to be in my top 5 Lip Balms because it smells divine, and even if I have to top it up to maintain the moisture, I don't mind!!
So I can't find this product online, but this is the link to the natural collection.

So these are my top 5 Lip Balms. 
While looking through my collection, I wanted to include another two balms, but they are more of a 
shimmer balm. So I thought I'd post these at the end separately!

 This is the Nivea Lip Care Pearl Shine. This balm enhances the natural beauty of your lips with a kiss of rose and a pearly shimmer. Its formula, with Pearl and Silk Extracts, keeps lips velvety soft and silky  smooth. It also contains SPF 10 to help protect against UVA and UVB rays.   

Now this product is great if you want a bit more than a balm, it's also great if you want a little bit more than that colour from the vaseline rosy lips. This gives you moisture, pearly pink colour and sparkle. This product is easy to apply, and the packaging is really sweet, with the light pink and the white sparkles. It is quite thin on the lips with the same texture as the chap stick, it's moisturising but not too thick. This balm also has a pretty floral scent, this is the perfect balm for you girly girls with the pink, glitter and floral.

Heres a swatch of the Nivea pearly shine, doesn't it look gorgeous! I bought this from boots for £2.29!? Great price! This product is quite long lasting, I feel that my lips still feel moisturised but I may need to top up the colour and shine. 
You can get this product here!

This is my final product, this is the Burt's Bees Caramel Lip Shimmer. I love it! This shimmer nourishes and moistuirses your lips with natural ingredients like vitamin E and coconut and sunflower oils, it also includes a kiss of colour with pearlised shine that conditions, smoothes and highlights.

Now I bought this from a little shop not far from me called 'Vintage', which is an absolutely gorgeous a shop recommended to me by a subtle difference. I bought this for around £5, but you can buy it in Boots for £5.99! Now this product has a gorgeous caramel/coral colour with sprinkles of glitter. It is very moisturising and wet at first, with a very thin application, but the moisture sinks into your lips leaving them moisturised, colorful and sparkly. This product does not attract my hair at all, which I love! This product is the most expensive, but It definitely is my favorite, so you get what you pay for. The shimmer also has a sweet, minty fresh smell, which I love! But I guess it would be even better if it actually smelt of caramel!!
You can get this product here! 

Have you tried any of these Lip products? Which is your favorite? Do you have any recommendations?



  1. Thanks for mentioning me Lau! I use a cotton bud to put vaseline on my lips if that's any help to you, it helps to loosen the dry skin on your lips when you use it with one too xx

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  3. No worries!
    that sounds alot less messier!! I shall give it a go:)


  4. i love Nivea Pearly Shine and Vaseline Cocoa Butter