Tuesday, 30 October 2012

“Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.”

I bet your all fed up of me telling you how I've moved to Cardiff but it's seriously one of the biggest things in my life so far. To move out of my comfort zone, from my home that i've lived in all my life, from my cosy little bedroom packed with treasures that tell so many stories, with my mum and brother in the next room, dinner on the table and a nice bath run whenever you feel like!

So i've tried to make my teenie, tiny, little uni room as homely as possible by having lots of photos and things that remind me of home, family and friends. When I first moved in, my room was so bare and plain. It really did look a little grunge! It made me so upset to go from such a lovely home to a grotty little flat but you have to start at the bottom and work your way up... one day I will have that beautiful penthouse looking over the bay!

So this post is to show you how i've decorated my room and a few things that i've picked up for university. 

This little magnetic to-do list pad is from Paperchase, it was £3.75 at the time! But it's shot up slightly to £5 since. But I still thing its worth it because of the pretty detail around the edges. There's lots of different styles too! You can get this here.

Next are some gorgeous black leather note books. I purchased two from TkMaxx. You can get great notebooks and journals there for great prices! I'm sure these Italian leather notebooks were around £5 each.

'Got Something to Say' How cute is this. 

I love hearts, so this was a must.

I also bought these cute little pencils with crystals on top.

Now to my room. I was given a billboard to decorate, as your not allowed to paint or hang anything on the walls. To decorate my billboard, I decided to use left over wallpaper from my bedroom at home. I then hung up the wooden, beaded and silver hearts that I had been collecting from many little shops around Wales.

My Flat mates have covered theirs in photos and posters and it looks really cool, but I love the homely feel my billboard has.

So I had two long shelves and two short and I was able to swap there's around to create the style I wanted. 

On one of the shorter shelves I have my cook books, my Pretty Little Liars books (I loveeee PLL), My Lord of the Rings book, Fifty Shades, King Lear, Jane Eyre and some book ends with photos of me and my friends.

On the other shorter shelf, I have my glass jar to burn my Yankee candles, I'm currently burning one called Vanilla Lime. I then have my two jewelry boxes and my Swarovski crystal ornament. 

Magazines. I love collecting them. These are my older Glamour mags, I don't read Glamour anymore as I much prefer Elle, Cosmopolitan and Company but they still look really cool for decoration.

Here is another pile of my magazines, I love the company design, it adds so much colour to your room when they are on display. Putting my magazines on display definitely looks really cute in my opinion.

On my desk, I have my wooden filing unit that I got from TkMaxx and this was around £15, which is a great price! Next to that I have my 'Bowl of hearts' which I showed in a previous post. As you can see on my window sill, I have photos of me and friends and my boyfriend. 

I hope you like my cosy little uni room. Thanks for reading and I hope your all having a fabulous week!



  1. Aw your books and mags really add colour to your new room! I love the Company design too, they're always so creative!
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    1. I love using them to decorate!
      Thanks for following!

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    1. oo great!
      I'll take a look now thanks x