Monday, 24 September 2012

I promise to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse...

'I do' can change someone's life in the matter of seconds! They can be some of the biggest but smallest words that most of us will say during one point in our lives. (Or for many in some peoples cases!) The biggest because you are agreeing to become one with your partner, who you will spend the rest of your life with, or the smallest because lets be fair, 'I do' is quite short, simple but to the point! I've seen lots of photos of me when I was little at lots of family and friends weddings, but this was my first wedding that I could actually remember. 

I wore a dress from Warehouse which I've had for ages. It's tight at the waist and has a pretty flare skirt. I paired this with some nude patent court shoes from Dorothy Perkins. My mum wore a new River Island dress which is currently in stores. The dress has beautiful detail, with lace running down the back and a beautiful beaded section to emphasise the waist. She then paired this with some sparkly stilettos that matched perfectly with her clutch! 

When planning our outfits, my mum decided to get a corsage done at our local florist, to tie around our wrists. They looked gorgeous on the day with the diamond in the middle of the flower!

My corsage had a orchid, which is above. While my mum had a rose, below. The flowers definitely added an elegant touch to the outfit, perfect for weddings and proms!

The bride had worked soo hard at the wedding! She tried to consider everyone while planning. While having a look around the venue, I found this gorgeous little wooden stand from the local candy shop 'Candy Lane'. The bride had invited a few children to the wedding, so while the adults had some wine and champagne on their table to enjoy, the children could go to this little stand and create their own pick a mix! What a 'sweet' idea! See what I did there? hehe.

Even though this lovely little idea was directed towards the children, it certainly didn't stop me and my mum having a little go!

Malteasers and strawberries. Yum

Again the bride had some beautiful ideas by having champagne and clear crystals scattered across the tables. Our names were also beautifully written on different card shapes, mine was written on a dove, while my mums was written on a heart. These slotted perfectly on to our wine glasses, which added a pretty extra touch!

I must say, going to this wedding made me want to get married and while writing this post up, I was also thinking.... Hmm how old will I be when I say the big words 'I do'? What ring will I have? Who will be at my wedding? What dress will I have? I bet some of you have planned it all out!



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  3. You and your mum look so lovely at the wedding! x