Friday, 26 April 2013

Pageant Prep & Preen.

  • I had the wonderful opportunity to have a Q&A session with Miss Rhondda Cynon Taff and Miss Wales finalist, Jessica Mundy. I found out all her pageant secrets, from the Hollywood hair to the flawless finish but also the truth behind the Miss Wales pageant and how it's not all makeup, dresses and a big smile. Jess hopes that this Q&A session 'helps change the publics perception of Miss Wales'. 

    So Jess, you looked amazing. Tell me about the preparation routine you undergo before the pageant? Please let us ladies know that we could at least try to look as beautiful.
    Thank you very much! There is a lot of preparation. It's important to look healthy more than anything. So moisturising every night, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy. Also I personally like having a tan, so a spray tan a few days before. Things such as eyebrow waxing, natural healthy nails, also your hair plays a big part. So a hair mask and oils are good, keeping it looking glossy and healthy. And last but not least beauty sleep, I had lots of early nights to keep the dark circles away!
  • What hair oil treatments do you use that you could recommend to the readers?
    I love Morrocan Oil treatments! They leave my hair glossy without a greasy heavy feel afterwards. 

    Moroccan oil is amazing. Totally agree. So the day of the pageant! Exciting. What makeup products do you use?
    I like to use Mac cosmetics. I use their primer to begin, which is important, as it helps set and keep my make up in place for the stage. I then use their foundation, next their concelear to banish any blemishes. Next it's loose transparent powder to take away any shiny oily bits. Then a highlighter to highlight my cheek bones and brow bones. Then a Boujour bronzer to have a healthy glow. I use black mac eyeliner on the outside of my eyes, and a white liner on the inside to open up my eyes. I shade my eyebrows with a powder from bliss beauty. I also wore mac eyelashes. As my eyes were all done up, I kept lips to a minimum with a nude Rimmel gloss.

    Wow thats a lot of makeup. So what about your hair? There's one word to describe it... Hollywood!
    I had my hair styled by the miss wales sponsors. Morgan's hair salon. I prepped my hair with some bed head superstar spray, the stylist then curled my hair with a wand, then pin curled every curl to ensure it didn't drop. After a few hours he took them out and lots of back combing went on to create the Hollywood style! It's important to not use too much products as it can stiffen your hair. So some hair spray an bed head spray to create shine was used!

    It looked amazing. It is definitely every girls dream to have those Hollywood locks. With these pageant secrets, I'm sure we can all try out some new techniques and get that desired look. The dress. Wow. How long did it take you to find the perfect dresses for the pageant?
    To be honest, I only got my dress 4 weeks before the pageant. I'd seen it online and knew I needed to try it on. So I went down to Stardust Boutique in Swansea, where there are loads of amazing dresses! My dress was the first I tried on and I said as soon as I put it on, I want this one! It's Jovani, it really does have the wow factor! I would definitely recommend stardust boutique in Swansea for amazing dresses!

    Most people today think that a pageant is makeup, dresses and a big smile. They do not realise what actually happens behind the scenes. Tell me a little about your fundraising for your chosen charity, Bobths Children's therapy centre?
    They couldn't be further from the truth, yes all that plays a part but there is a lot more to pageants than all that, fundraising plays a big part. I absolutely loved the fundraising. I done numerous of things to raise money, such as a disco in a my grandfathers local pub, a charity night at my home where we had a raffle. I also took part in a charity fashion show in Cardiff. All my family and friends really helped out raising money and I couldn't be more thankful. And as for the bobaths children's therapy centre, the work they do is incredible. It's really lovely seeing exactly what your hardwork is doing for these young children!

    Running up to the pageant, your fundraising, holding events, buying your products, prepping and preening, finding the perfect dress. But your also attending pageant coaching sessions, what did you get up to?
    Yes I attended a session with Chloe-Beth who really helped me. Basically as chloe Beth is one of britains most successful beauty queens she taught us everything she knows to succeed. From the walk, the pose, the interview to make up and hair tips. She covered everything, which was brilliant before the final. I would recommend any new young girls to the pageant scene to attend a session.

    So you had a session with one of your beauty idols on how to win! That's fantastic. I'd love to know how you started out? Was it a childhood dream to become Miss Rhondda Cynon Taff?
    I've always watched miss world since I was a young girl, and always dreamed of being up on the stage like them. So when I seen applications for Miss Rhondda Cynon Taff I applied. It was an amazing feeling winning the title last year! I think it's every young girls dream to become a 'Miss' something.

    How was the atmosphere behind stage with the other contestants? Were the girls really friendly and approachable or was it simular to a scene on 'Mean Girls'?
    The atmosphere was amazing!! We were all so excited to get out on the stage and make our family and friends proud. Every single one of the girls were lovely! It really is nothing how people think, yes we all want to win, but after spending so much time with eachother you all grow to become good friends. I had a nightmare with my party dress. And a few girls I shared a dressing room with quickly got ready themselves and helped me out which really proves how Lovely the competition is. I have made a few friends for life and will always keep in touch with.

    So you've achieved the title Miss Rhondda Cynon Taff and taken part in Miss Wales. What's your next goal?
    As for this year, I will carry on with my studies and my role as Miss Rhondda Cynon Taff and encourage other young girls to enter. November this year, I will be handing my tile over and would love too see lots of girls competing for it! I am still only 18 and have a few years left to compete. So who knows I may try for the miss wales title again in a few years time!

    Applications for Miss Rhondda Cynon Taff 2014 are now availible. So ladies, you know all the secrets on how to look amazing and what goes on behind the scenes. Get applying and good luck! 

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    1. Jess does look gorgeous! Unfortunately, I'm not any of those ladies!

  2. Woah you all look stunning, those dresses are amazing! new follower here. Look forward to keeping up with your posts. Love Laura x A Scottish Lass

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