Thursday, 25 April 2013

blog. Blog. BLOG

It's such a wonderful thing to be able to write about what you love and allow your content to be read by anyone across the world. But it is a very time consuming hobbie that often needs to take a back seat when it comes to university work and part time jobs! But I love it. 

There is alot of work to be done while writing a post. You have to plan what your going to write about, what is going to be the title of your post, where are you going to get the information from - family, friends or your own views, will you take your own picture, if so will you edit them... So on so forth.  'Blog Inc' by Joy Deangdeelert Cho helped me to balance my life and blogging. 

This book literally contains EVERYTHING you need to know about blogging, all inside this simple 184 paged book. This book is definitely for the bloggers who write about what they love but want to take it to the next level. The book taught me simple things, for example finding my personal 'niche' and learning to stick to my preferred content. It also informed me on how to make your blog into a business, how to run it and how to keep up with it. 

If you have just started your blog or thinking about starting one, I definitely recommend this book. Pick it up and take as many tips and hints from there as possible because its truly full of great blogging advice. Pick it up even if you already have a blog up and running, theres information within the book that not only advises you on how to start your own blog but also 'the next stage of blogging', such as updating your blog, pursuing your blog as a career and finding a balance between life and your blog. 

I have something a little exciting coming soon. I had the opportunity to interview Jessica Mundy, Miss Rhondda Cynon Taff and Miss Wales finalist, on her experience in the 2013 Miss Wales competition. I've got all her beauty tips and secrets and her inside view of what really goes on within the Miss Wales pageant competition. 


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