Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Sun? Sunglasses!

I had the wonderful opportunity recently to receive a pair of sunglasses from a company called Firmoo. So I went online and choose this pair, aren't they gorgeous? If you read my blog, you know I love all sings silver and shiny. So when I seen the silver paneling on the side of the frame, I had to choose these. 

The glasses arrived very quickly and safely packed. The glasses even included a Hard glasses case and a soft sleeve which is perfect for protecting them within your bag full of things that we need everyday...  Yeah right, I could do with out half of the things I carry around. But they will come in handy one day, right?

Now these glasses have been my go to glasses since I received them a few weeks ago. This is purely because I'm always wearing silver, black jeans and a bright top, especially when the UK has now finally decided to enter summer.

I love the shape and style of the glasses. I was very surprised that they suited me, as I hadn't tried them on before hand. However, I was able to upload a photo of myself and place the selected glasses onto the photo. This great application allowed me to choose the perfect shape, while being half way across the world. 

What's great about Firmoo? 

+ They offer you a 'First free pair program'!? No you didn't misread!
Here is the link to get this fabulous offer. 

What do you think of the glasses? Have you tried out Firmoo? 



  1. The large frames look great on you :)