Friday, 20 July 2012

I Love Zara

So I'm back from Egypt and I seriously need to get my act together with this blog. One post in June? One big Oooops. Anyway, the show must go on. Even if the show is a little sparse at the moment! Apologies.

So here are my gorgeous black beaded sandals from Zara. I bought these in the sales for £19.99, reduced from £39.99. 

Now I absolutely LOVE these sandals. I wore them to death on holidays in Egypt, they simply go with everything! Which reminds me that I need to upload a post of a few outfits that I wore on holiday! 

 They are simply a T-bar sandal, decorated with tiny black beads with a small heel. Now I cannot find these sandals on the Zara website, however there are still a few pairs left in my nearest store in Cardiff. 

So next is the all famous plaited shopper! This has been on my wish list for ages! But at £79.99, it wasn't the type of purchase you just picked up on your weekly shop. So the gorgeous bag kept slowly sliding down my wish list. Until.... my lovely boyfriend bought me this beautiful bag for my 18th birthday in June!

I choose the colour black because I have too many brown leather handbags, and we all know that every girl needs a simple black handbag. 

The bag had gold buckles and zips with a two sophisticated plaited leather handle to carry on the arm. Inside there is the option to have a thin black strap to turn the bag into a should bag and a detachable cloth bag to keep all your things. 

You can get this bag here!

Have any of you snatched some deals at the Zara sales? 



  1. I love zara too, that bag is beautiful! But they're soo heavy even with nothing in hahaa xx

  2. I know, gorgeous right!? It is heavy! But I don't carry much around so I don't find it that bad!


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